LEED chalet St-Adolphe-de-Howard

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The task was to custom build a bright, weekend getaway chalet on top of a mountain. The owners are active in winter sports such as snowshoeing and skiing. The house needed to be bright, warm and comfortable. As this is a weekend cottage, it needs to be low-maintenance and low-cost to operate.

Care was taken to be sure that the house had all the right proportions including a large open common area, cathedral ceilings and a master-bedroom loft. The plan has large kitchen/living/dining area and a master-bedroom with tall cathedral ceilings,  plus two bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Time was spent to ensure that the plan has no wasted space nor any compromised areas.

The main floor is built on a radiant heated slab giving a pleasant, even heat at lower cost.

Being that the house is situated on top of a mountain and exposed to higher winds than other lots, its high level of air-seal was important.

As the lot is  large, we were able to situate and orientate the home to gain the best advantage of the view and the sun.  Adjustable sun louvres were designed to allow the occupants to set the amount of sun they want entering their home at different times of the year. This allows for passive solar heat gain without overheating.

Building to LEED standards made for greater efficiencies. Pre-built insulated wall panels reduced costs and waste, in addition to stimulating the local economy. This LEED construction earned a gold standard.

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